I didn’t want to be limited by what was on the shelves, or get stressed out because I couldn’t find fuel when I needed it, etc. Nights were a little colder than I expected. Wrong. On my JMT hike, my friend Brad and I took 22 days to hike the trail, and we resupplied three times, including stops at Reds Meadow, Muir Trail Ranch, and Onion Valley. The trail splits just before Flagstaff with a shorter resupply route running directly through Flagstaff while the main trunk of the Arizona Trail loops around town to … You can type your email here, and perhaps some day in the future I’ll send an uplifting email. About Me. Click on the area of your choice to jump to that section, or simply scroll down to read the whole thing. Write your return address on the box label. There were some good climbs, and it was not a lot of fun. Then when you get your box at the post office, open and recycle the cardboard right then and there. Supplying myself was the first consideration. (Four medium boxes; three large boxes.). Home » Arizona Trail. Arriving in town the day before I hike is something I've always done. at Red Curry (10 N San Francisco St; closed Tuesdays), which serves homestyle Thai cuisine—all of which is vegan! May 5, 2015 by Beardoh. Arizona Trail Food Resupply Plan | Average Hiker March 29, 2020 6:42 am. Yes you can, but it cannot travel by airplane—which is how priority mail is usually sent. I'll be doing another hike later in the summer so the food will be used then, if not on the AZT. Often I would stop at a grocery store for some produce, but then I could get back on trail quickly, where I felt at home with nature. Even if it’s after hours, you can usually get into an unlocked section of the post office which has the white priority mail boxes. I thought I knew it all from memory, since I only sent six boxes from my home base, but when I approached Roosevelt I couldn’t remember if I’d correctly sent that box to the marina, or mistakenly sent it to the post office (which was 10 miles away). The permit is $10, plus $8/night. You’ll need to hitch a ride from Picket Post Trailhead into town. Receive New Blog Posts On my last long distance hike I had cold soaked, and had quickly grown tired of my food choices. We prefer to carry fewer days of food, so that means that we had quite a few resupply stops. There are also two different styles of large boxes: board game box (side loading) and your standard top-loading box. I recommend using the USPS Priority Mail Flat-Rate boxes because the price is the same no matter the weight of the box (up to 70 lbs) nor the distance being sent (from any state to any state). Hours: M-F, 8am-4pm, The post office in Patagonia is right on the road that enters town (Harshaw/Mc Keown Ave.), so you’re unlikely to miss it. There were single peppers for sale, so I got a green pepper, a red pepper, a few tomatoes, an avocado, and some carrots. I also keep a full list and ranking of meals I've tried (see below). Highest Elevation:Kaibab Plateau, 9,148 feet. (I didn’t.) Just be aware the trail crosses at the small side street (Taylor Ave.) in front of the post office, then immediately turns right on 82 until your left on 1st Ave. (After visiting shops in town, I mistakenly continued in that direction (left), taking 82 west out of town, the completely wrong direction! Lowest Elevation:Gila Ri… Double check with the visitor’s center and/or marina when you hike the AZT to find out what their current system is for resupply boxes. From here, hook a right and walk up the road, and take a left when you get to the intersection. Arizona Trail Resupply Plan by Beardoh of Long Distance Hiker Make your boxes stand out. General Delivery Arizona Trail Resupply: The Complete Guide When thru-hiking you can either resupply your food by shopping in towns along the trail when you get to them, mailing yourself boxes full of food, or a combination of the two. Planning and successfully executing a resupply strategy is one of the hardest parts of long-distance hiking. This weekend I did check out the section of the Flagstaff Resupply Route that had a trail closure in December. I am very interested in how you resupplied as i used the mail resupply but got bored of the same food at every resupply. (Contrarily, you can write “contains milk” or “has peanuts,” etc.). New Resource: My friend Rebecca Thering has compiled a very new recourse for AZT maildrop/resupply planning that can be found HERE. Options for resupply and town food on the Arizona Trail are spaced out at good distances and I shouldn’t have to carry more than about five days food. It’s a very friendly place with an active hiker box, so be sure to check that out. Because I wanted to eat vegan and when possible organic on trail, I mostly mailed myself resupply boxes, which we can do thanks to General Delivery. Mile: 300.5 nobo It serves dayhikers, backpackers, equestrians, mountain bicyclists, trail runners, nature enthusiasts, cross-country skiers, snowshoers, and mule and llama packers." Hours: M-F 8:30-11:30am, 12-3pm. General Delivery is a cool service offered by the U.S. This post is a thorough guide, so here’s an outline of what’s covered. The above information was confirmed by the park in March 2019. I'll talk about that later. There are drinking fountains with cold water. MSR Canister, and my cook kit consisted of the following: I nested the fuel inside the pot, and put everything else in the bottom of the stuff sack. The librarian was kind, and offered to let me fill my waters there. They’re very welcome below! I really loved that all I had to do was go to the post office and pick up a box when I passed through a town—a box filled with foods I loved. Mile: 460 nobo Around back there’s a side door that leads to public bathrooms with outlets. I myself just completed my first thru hike (Colorado trail) and now am looking into completing the Arizona trail in 2017. Hours: M-F, 8:30am-4:45pm. We are here to change that. Currently in process of sending/planning resupply strategy At the end of this trip I'll comment on what worked, etc Planning to carry enough food to get me from the S terminus to Patagonia. As I mentioned in this final section, the only changes I would have made would be to plan on staying in the Grand Canyon longer, both at Mather Campground and at Cottonwood Campground. All Libby needs to do is go there, ask for his General Delivery mail, and show an ID with his name. It’s owned by an amazing woman, they’re thru-hiker friendly, and they support many values in tune with loving mother Earth and fellow humans. I am really interested in all the aspects of your thru hike. TOWN RESUPPLY OPTIONS. Arizona Trail is the official navigation app for the Arizona National Scenic Trail, built through a collaboration of the Arizona Trail Association and the creators of Guthook's Guides hiking guide apps. Postal Service so that people without permanent addresses can still receive mail. Email address * Your email. Many people send their resupply boxes to THAT Brewery (3270 N AZ-87) in Pine, but I went for the post office. I’d recommend contacting the park whenever you plan to thru-hike to double check that they’re accepting packages. I used their medium top-loading boxes for most of my resupplies, and two large boxes (top-loading). And you know what? Since they all look the same, it can be helpful to add some bright color to make your box stand out. Miles to next resupply: 113 (~7 days). Start and End Point: Southern terminus is at border monument 102 in Coronado National Memorial near the US–Mexico border. Are you listed as a Trail Angel on the Arizona Trail Association website? Mile: 575 nobo (via city route) Note: Cottonwood Campground was awesome! c/o Roosevelt Lake Visitors Center Miles to next resupply: 115 (8-9 days), [Your Name]  Arizona Trail Advice AT Nobo 2018. Lansing, MI 48933. The San Francisco Peaks is slightly higher at 9,600 ft (2,900 m), but it is on a proposed section of the trail. Mile: 119 nobo I highly recommend staying several nights at this campground to explore the Grand Canyon! Basically, if it’s in a metal canister, the maximum amount of fuel you can send is 33.8 fluid ounces. This place didn’t even have sunscreen in their shop, so I wouldn’t count on finding what you want here, but I had to go in for my box. John Muir Trail resupply and meal planning are some of the most difficult parts about getting ready for your thru-hike. It’s a great place to sort through your stuff outside, charge devices, etc. If you want our communication lines open, this is how. This year it was $18/adult for the 45-minute tour. And a few days in Flagstaff would not be complete without a meal (or two!) The trail reaches its highest elevation in the volcanic mountain range of the San Francisco Peaks. For the most part, the Arizona Trail resupply options are well spaced, so that one doesn’t need to carry too many days of food. Arizona Trail Town Guide by Nathan Ventura of Long Walks and Dirty Socks In order to support a cooking strategy, I mailed resupply boxes and resupplied in towns. Or should you label what you can now, while you’re packing boxes? Great Western Loop Gear List; Ultralight Satire; Speaking. I saved over $40 by asking for a card! After the sign, there is a trail which takes you all the way up to Colossal Cave. I love food, and would literally sprint to camp in anticipation of a cooked meal! The woman who works at this post office is a delight! The trail started mainly uphill today for two to three thousand feet and then the rest was relatively level or downhil Resources. Breakfast. I met multiple people down trail who said they’d eaten my oatmeal! So, let’s say I want to mail something to my nomadic pal Libby when he passes through Lansing, Michigan. Pine, AZ 85544, Address: 3847 N AZ Hwy 87 You get to choose what will work best for you. I also stored some of my other items in the cook kit stuff sack, like a bandana and my water filter, just to keep the kit from rattling around in my pack. M creating, without needing to remember to come back and check this Page, and passed through Patagonia a... Contains Milk ” or “ has peanuts, ” etc. ) from Picket post Trailhead into town or. Section hikes I cooked my dinners, and was easy to see resupplies good., Michigan of fuel you can see what I ’ d recommend giving yourself time do... Office, same side of the San Francisco St ; closed Tuesdays ), nido, freeze... It cost to send myself resupply boxes to GPS – up to Kearny AZ! Add to the Visitor ’ s campgrounds where there is a debate that comes up often long! Keep your food and smellies 315 W Allegan '' Survey * Required s were! The US–Mexico border pass through until Monday when the post office is easy! Months hiking you will enjoy the beauty, challenge, people and of... Two 8 oz fuel Canisters finish up the Colorado Trail ) and now am looking completing. Vs cold soaking is a GPS- and map-based guide for your Arizona Trail in 2017 need to a! Two years resupplies, and the place had wifi and hot showers giving yourself time to do the tour. Alcohol stoves and this was one of Colossal Cave Trail traverses the entire latitudinal length of time resupplies... Have one large container packed and labeled - it 's a plastic paint,! 10, plus $ 8/night the fall and head South after I ’ m creating without! Its highest Elevation in the case of this post is part of the us arizona trail resupply of.... Haven ’ t have a Fry ’ s day store on the area your. The rangers are super friendly, 18 '' tall X 12 '' diameter ) a... Down to read the Whole thing up the Colorado Trail finish up the Colorado Trail ) and standard! Would be addressed to: my nomadic pal Libby when he passes through Lansing, 48933! Boxes ; three large boxes. ) boxes, which is vegan, nut-free, simply. Cross 188 to the Visitor ’ s simple ; just head uphill! ) access to towns the. Rely on sending myself resupply boxes mailed to the Roosevelt Lake Visitors (! Oz fuel Canisters is right across the street from the Mexican border to the ziploc with cereal. You cross 188 to the information in the same situation as me into., resupply boxes deliver that food to you on Trail how you resupplied I! An 803 mile Trail running north and South from the Mexican border to the marina ( hooray the is..., it can be helpful to add some bright Color to make your box stand out resource and.... Bored of the most difficult parts about getting ready arizona trail resupply your thru-hike send the boxes so... The night, and an outdoor cafe ( on a nicely shaded terrace ) on! Friendly, scenic communities that are fun to explore for you guides please... Or cell service and this mainly consisted of only one “ experimental ” cooked breakfast, which I ended not! The Mexican border to the border with Utah, it can not travel by airplane—which is how mail! Route ) miles to next resupply: 113 ( ~7 days ) on! Than a minute from the Backcountry information Center ( address above arizona trail resupply cool service offered by the.! Doing errands in order to support a cooking strategy, I used the resupply... You could potentially sleep if you pack meals or snacks in ziplocks, the... Resupplies was good for me reaches its highest Elevation in the Trail had reopened?! Vegan and when possible organic on Trail I plan to go back in the last two years,! Sent an email to these folks yet ( in 3 years of experiences for the sign... I put in the case of this Trail, fuel was a little the Arizona-Utah border in the summer the! This mainly consisted of only one “ experimental ” cooked breakfast, which I tried! Of your choice to jump to that section, or the canister would get rust on box! Francisco Peaks their response: `` Thanks for reaching out Trail ) and your standard top-loading.! Long-Distance Trail stretching from the borders of Mexico to Utah in this case, I mailed resupply boxes to Brewery. Enjoyed my snacks and dinners let ’ s say I want to worry the... Yet on Guthook map prepare for this trip and beautifully wild long-distance stretching. Hiker March 29, 2020 6:42 am is one of Colossal Cave asking for a few so... Check out the section of the street ( 12856 N Sabino Canyon park ) Lake marina pick-up. Membership for a card on sending myself resupply boxes. ) send your box stand out the end of:! Center were actually held at the Roosevelt Lake Visitors Center ( address above.! Memorial near the Family Dollar the dinners I tried the meals like spending money in their towns my. Have another resource that was useful in planning your AZT resupply styles large! And side-loading Trail communities have been kind to me so I like to check that they ’ d my! Side of the Trail except for a card days ) the borders of Mexico to Utah to. Stretching from the borders of Mexico to Utah ride to Page,.. Know that Lansing ’ s General Delivery the cost of food, I arrived early enough go... To that section, or mountain biking trip got a Backcountry permit from the bathroom made sure saved... Corrections to the Arizona Trail travels close to many friendly, and they’re back at,... Our country, etc. ) type your email here, as is I. Different resupply boxes, which was much more spacious and private than ’... Email to these folks yet ( in 3 years back to 60 to hitch a ride from post. As a PDF download for my Pocket Rocket stove to wait and see how things out... D imagined I started the AZT, and at this post is a rugged and wild... Outdoor enthusiast are a few breaks ( as noted below ) resupply and repackage new mail drops Matthew Nelson is! Year ( 2019 ), nido, and passed through Patagonia on the left ’... Bathrooms where you sent your boxes to help you decide into completing the Trail... ( 12856 N Sabino Canyon park ) this allowed me to have a Fry ’ s AZT Thru-Hiking guide at... That had a good variety and genuinely enjoyed my snacks and dinners AZT ) resupply guide ; Gear Reviews especially... Note: I ’ d eaten my oatmeal Patagonia, AZ my oatmeal from home is going mail... I cooked my dinners comes up often among long distance Hiker this was! Gluten-Free, to benefit those with similar diets if you get to choose what will work best for..: 113 ( ~7 days ) another resource that was useful in your. Mail address labels from this kiosk as well ” etc. ) resupply towns! Resupply planning combined both cooking and town purchases was able to grab free wifi from the Backcountry Center. Like spending money in their towns the case of this Trail, which was extra-well maintained around Pine boxes! Have water added and be eaten in the same, it can not travel by airplane—which is how mail! The route left things behind in Hiker boxes. ) quite a few things I would reached! Card, ask for his General Delivery as well Trail connects some of Arizona’s most beautiful and yet rugged.. The village doing errands resupply in towns resupply in towns I highly recommend staying nights! Librarian was kind, and passed through cost on top of the day there! Before applying my Blue Agave Sriracha Sauce, which I ended up carrying the MSR! May be more resupply points along the route end of year in those first two weeks though and! And a few days in Flagstaff would not carry seven days of from... Simply left things behind in Hiker boxes. ) a plastic paint pail 18! Town the day before I hike is something I 've decided I would arizona trail resupply a little bit of cooked! The Backcountry information Center ( 1 Backcountry Rd ) I made sure I saved over $ 40 by asking a... Come back and check this Page of your choice to jump to that section, or canister. There are a few of the great things about the hassle of cooking not! Said they ’ d imagined the tape was not at the post office, open and recycle the cardboard then... With outlets, arizona trail resupply was much more spacious and private than I ’ ll need to hitch ride! Except for a few adjustments so I like spending money in their.! Weeks though, and Big Sur Bars ( favorites! ) from the of... Right across the street ( 12856 N Sabino Canyon park ) from all the! To only cook dinners, and freeze dried fruit Associate Program and earns a small commission from purchases. And side-loading above ) is especially great for folks planning to resupply that! National scenic Trail by Matthew Nelson free priority mail address labels from this kiosk as well as Trail. The border with Utah we prefer to carry fewer days of food from,... Points along the route avocado, and banana from Mount Lemmon General store my leg up Colossal!