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my asset bin

My Asset Bin – Track anything, anywhere, all the time

My Asset Bin is a fremium app that allows users to “Track Anything, Anywhere, All the Time”. It is a cloud-based inventory management system that is accessible from any mobile device.

You can store critical information on everything you own, assign items to a location, load user manuals, parts manuals, warranties – in effect organizing your “stuff” easier and BETTER than you have ever been able to do before!

The applications are endless – perfect for insurance documentation or simply keeping track of where things are and how much they are worth!

asset bin

Asset Bin for Business – Track anything, anywhere, all
the time

Asset Bin for Business takes the platform of My Asset Bin and expands the capabilities to make it EXTREMELY valuable to business and organizations of all sizes. Virtually any business, organization or group of people that utilizes business personal property or equipment needs this application!

  • Enter all the assets of a business quickly and efficiently into a cloud-based data center; organize by customizable categories and locations
  • Assign “ownership” or responsibility to users
  • Allow multiple levels of security/editing/reporting
  • Print reports
  • Assign maintenance or other time-sensitive events to specific items that alert specified users;
  • View all assets OR an individual asset’s history in a timeline format to see milestones and/or maintenance, location and change history