She's like Shino. My guess is that Yamato knew that Hinata likes Naruto and that Kiba secretly wants to be like Naruto/looks up to him. Shino’s parents took the boy in, and the two forged a friendship despite Shino not usually growing close to people. Hinata herself and one of her teammates, Kiba, didn't make it to the second battle round. shino has no feelings for hinata ino sakura or any other girl that we have seen so far as far as i can tell shino is pretty much a guy who doesn't love anyone. Kept very in character. Opponents are now allowed to kill one another. He can control bugs that feed off of his chakra. OP, note how all of your Sakura highlights are from Part 2. Even Hinata, his teammate, did not know what his eyes truly looked like. "Naruto-kun!" Yes, after years of being the clueless blonde idiot we’ve all grown to love, Naruto, at 19, when faced with the possibility that Hinata could be taken away by Toneri forever admits to himself and to Hinata that he really does, in fact, love her. but to me, it does seem that he understoods her and want to help her get stronger, it just seems like he likes her like a guy would love his little sister. During Part II, his appearance became even more mysterious, with his jacket hanging down to his knees and the addition of a hood that obstructs his face even more and a satchel on his back. Starts off angsty, then gets romantic/cute by the end. Hinata - Loves Naruto (obviously) Shino - the embarrassing 'Laughing Shino' episode. "I … It's not like I like Hinata, she's just inoffensive. Hinata sometimes sneaked peeks at Shino to see behind his glasses. The anime, however, did introduce an adopted sibling for him. Also with Kiba, Shibi Aburame, & my version of his mom (Kaho). Que Hinata being more concerned for Naruto then Shino. How does Hinata respond to his dramatic confession? Shino reveals his feelings and why he wears sunglasses 24/7 to Hinata. so you can't really tell if he actually like like Hinata. Hinata then has to visit the Aburame clan to return his glasses. Doesn't hog screentime. Kiba - He never fully forgave Naruto for beating him in the Chunin exams. Sometimes the stolen glances would cause Shino to look at her, causing her to fumble and twitch and stutter and cast her gaze away in the opposite direction. I have no idea what Shino's secret could be though. Shino Aburame is apart of the Aburame clan. However, for a brief moment, Shino's eye profile was shown.'s hard to tell since it's Shino, I mean he barely smile or laugh or show any emotion at all, he's worse than Sasuke. Does shino like Hinata? and after Naruto saved the village they (Kiba and Shino) felt like he completely surpassed them (which he kind of did). Isn't obnoxious. Like most of the members of the Konoha 11, Shino doesn’t have any siblings by birth. Doesn't wail on the main characters And she still has some worthwhile moments. Shino & Hinata fic. level 2 Naruto, Hinata's admiration, and Shino, Hinata's other teammate do. A member of the Aburame clan, Shikuro, passed away, leaving his son Torune alone.