This price includes up to 5 sheets of plywood replaced. to install or replace an asphalt shingle roof on a typical house. The higher prices in coastal areas are due to the higher local cost of living, and hence the higher cost of doing business. Would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Single story House and garage is probably around 70 years old, we have lived here for about 62 years roof maybe added 2 times. For that price, you should be getting architectural shingles from a premium brand, such as Malarkey or CertainTeed. What would be a decent estimate for a standard 3-tab shingles roof? I have a cut to heck 6/12, for single layer tear off/replace with 30 year, four companies came in between $320-350 a square. Give us a call today for a. Aastro Roofing Inc offers a full range of residential and commercial roofing services for clients. The extra layer of protection results in an increased lifespan for your roof. Your home’s location and local economy (a large coastal city vs. rural area, or in-between), the number of stories, overall complexity of the roof and the number of layers of old roofing material to be removed will impact costs. For the average home very little staging equipment is needed. I remember being a teenager hung over from a night of partying, and my Dad making me get up on the roof the next morning and help him re-roof the house and garage. Step flashing and any other previous flashing should only be re-used if it’s in great condition and there is no damage to the roof deck. ft. With over 30 years of experience, we know what it takes to ensure your green roof is root repellent and waterproof. Green roofs are any kind of roof that is eco-friendly. So, it seems like the contractor is using the long warranty to justify the hefty price, which is not cool. Single-story house, based on the details you provided, I am assuming it’s a single story ranch. Tip: Since you live in a hail-prone area, make sure your homeowner’s insurance includes roof replacement coverage. If I choose not to upgrade to those expensive options, should I at least upgrade the turtle vents to slack back vents? If you’re passionate about the environment and the beauty of nature, a turf roof will make a great addition to your home or business. The plush roof ecosystem has become a popular request among commercial builders, and even residential homeowners. The Costs. Yeah, right. In Florida on the coast, a metal or tile roof can cost upwards of $1,500 a square, plus there must be a minimum of a 2 by 6 top chord on trusses and 5/8 ” ply for the tile install. I am sure a lot of homeowners in your area will find this helpful! Let’s also give the roofers a benefit of doubt and assume that the true roof size is between say 14 and 15 squares. I believe the roof is 5,000 square feet. For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume the middle of the road GAF Timberline HD shingles, which cost about $100 per square (100 square feet). It seems that your main concern is whether or not you can trust a GAF Master Elite roofing company that is only asking $450 per square. Once you have an actual written estimate, tell the contractor the job is theirs (provided you genuinely want to hire them), all they need to do is provide additional paperwork to help you facilitate the mortgage approval process. The actual estimates you receive can range quite a bit, depending on the contractor. On the low end, we would have a quote of $6,000 for the warrantied roof replacement on a 15-square roof, and on the high-end of the spectrum, we would have a quote of $8,250. I went with the quote #2 and so far so good. To each their own though, choose and purchase wisely to all the homeowners out there! The roofing bids we received range from $10.000 (didn’t say whether the job includes plywood) to $22,000 to re-roof our small 910 square foot home and 230 square foot Garage in the North King County, Washington. Also note that whenever you are getting an unexpectedly high quote, you can always ask for a discount, as long you feel comfortable with the company. Reach out or Call us to schedule a consultation! I am sure that your honest and valuable perspective will help many homeowners looking to replace a roof, especially in the tri-state area! As for the old shingles that were installed directly over the ice guard, well that one is just going to be the “mind over matter” kind of case. Zoysia grass is a warm-season … After dividing $30,000 by 51 squares, we are getting a price of about $588 per square. Prices don’t change. Perhaps the most positive aspect of a turf roof is the effect it has on your electric bill. I happen to agree with Joe. Be sure to understand what the contractor will be responsible for in terms of workmanship warranties vs. what the manufacturer will cover in terms of materials coverage and workmanship warranty coverage. Note: the quoted price may seem a bit high on a per square basis, but with a smaller job size such as yours, the contractor will still incur roughly the same set-up costs as a larger job, hence the price per square is going to be higher compared to a larger job of say 15 squares or more. Also, what is the best roof vent now in the market? Of course, contractors have to make money to remain in business, so I understand it from the business point of view. Give them a call!! ft. Nothing wrong with that either. It is a gable roof and I live in Ocala, FL. Does this seem like a fair price for this job? Assuming an 1,800 sq.ft. This translates to $6,725 to $9,000 for the very basic composition shingles roof installed, based on the average installed cost of $450 per square, with a typical 5-year workmanship warranty. This seems like a very fair quote in terms of the overall pricing for the job of its size. Aluminum shingles: $12,750 to $18,700 Just one ladder to get up or access the bottom of the roof on ladder jacks and a plank. Will you be able to speak to a project manager to understand how the job will be carried out and who will be doing the work? . At 40 squares (4,000 sq.ft. Premium Shingles. Any thoughts on using shingles as opposed to tile in Florida?