A. M. C. Pry Sch. Prem. Ajebandele II; Comm. Robiyan; Sch. A. L. G. Baare Farinde; Baare/Kanji Junction; Falola Asipa Junction. It is the host Local Government Area of the Olabisi Onabanjo University and has timber business as one of the most thriving occupations of its indigenes. [1][2], Below is a list of polling units, including villages and schools, organised by electoral ward. School; St. John's Pry. School Sekere; A. U. D. School Opete; Front Of Licensing Office; Obiri Village; Comm. I, Bonojo; A. U. D. Pry. Day School Madoga; Near Bapt. School Ago-Oko II; Muslim Pry. Chairman of Abeokuta North Local Government Area: Hon Olabode Taofeek. Adatan II; Opp. Sch. Sch Itoko; Open Space Oju-Agemo I; Open Space Oju-Agemo II; Open Space Shonlu Comp. School; Near Alh. School; Open Space Near Ilogbo Junction I; Open Space Near Ilogbo Junction II; Open Space Near Oke-Jigbo Bus-Stop I; Open Space Near Oke-Jigbo Bus-Stop II; Open Space Near Apesin's H/S; Open Space Near Sodipe's Comp Oke-Ijeun; Open Space Inf Of Omoyayi's House; Open Space Inf Of State Hospital I; Open Space Inf Of State Hospital II; Kuti Pry. Ijaye II; Open Space Near Alh. A. L. G. Ajiboro; Segile Ita Baale; Oyetedo Village. Day School, Oke Ola; Y. N. L. G. School, Igbonla; C. P. S. Ipinle I; C. P. S. Ipinle II; Ita Asoju Igbore Oke; Y. N. L. G. School, Ijoun; Ita Baale Bangidangi; Mokoya Olalotan; Ita Baale Asaga; Ita Baale Oke Odo Tobolo; E. A. C. Premises Ibiyan; Market Area II, Comm. A. M. C. School Olute; Methodist School Igbeji; U. N. A. Ilugun is the ward of the APM campaign DG, Chief Sarafa Tunji Ishola. Isale Abetu; C. A. C. Lantoro, Abeokuta I; Opp. This Local Government Area is bounded by Abeokuta North in the north, Ewekoro and Obafemi Owode in the south, Ode da in the east and Egbado North in the west. A. M. C. School Okanran; Okanran Tafi; A/C School, Bandu; Rcm Sch. Abeokuta North is made up o several towns and villages which include Ago, Ikija, Ago-oko, Oke-Ago, and Olorunda. It is bounded by eight other Local Government Areas. Pry. Buhari Commissions Amosu’s ‘Legacy Project’ in Ogun State, Complete List of Tribes in Ogun State Nigeria, How to Check Your BVN Details on Your Phone, Pictures of Ankara Dresses for Children 2020, 35 Ankara Designs for Kids to Rock this 2020. School, Jobore; Olorunsogo Town Hall, Ibido; Frontage James House, Ikise, Z. I. Pry. Eleja; U. A. M. C. School Ado-Odo II; R. C. M. School Ado-Odo; Motor Park; Public Library I; L. G School Idi Ogede; Infront Of Alhaji Adegbola's House; Idolowu Area; Agbara/Igufin; Town Hall, Methodist Pry. Ishola charged his people to remain firm and steadfast in voting for the APM in the forthcoming general elections. Ogun Ijebu North East Atan/Imuku 1 Ogun Ijebu North East Erunwon 10 Ogun Ijebu North East Igede/Itamarun 5 Ogun Ijebu North East Ilese 8 Ogun Ijebu North East Imewiro/Ododeyo/Imomo 3 Ogun Ijebu North East Isoyin 7 Ogun Ijebu North East Odesenlu 4 Ogun Ijebu North East Odosimadegun/Odosebora 2 Ogun Ijebu North East Oju Ona 6 Ogun Ijebu North East Oke-Eri/Ogbogbo 9. ; Local Government School Idale; St. Joseph Odonoko; St. Joseph School Odonoko; Oke-Ako; St. Anne's School, Irawo; Tomoba Village, Ikenne Town Hall; Wesley Pry. College,Odogbolu; Itun Isoku (Beside Olorunfunmi House); Ubu Quartetrs; Odogbon Quarters; Iloda Quarters; Efiyan, (Frontage 1st Choice Photo); Idena, Opposite Aba Central, Mosque Aiyepe; Idobiri Market Aiyepe; Holy Trinity Pry Sch. School II Akute I; Z. I. School, Awa; St. Rose's Cath. Sch. Politics Lanre Oyegbola Joins Abeokuta North LG Chairmanship Race, Promises Infrastructure Upgrade. Aregba; Open Space Opp. Itowo; Odoyangusise Junction; Space At Ojolo; Near Odobotu's Mosq. Magistrate Court I; Open Space Near Kuto Bus-Stop I; Open Space Near Kuto Bus-Stop II; St. John's Pry. Redemption Camp; O. O. L. G. School, Arigbawonwo; O. O. L. G. School, Asese; Booth At Akinola's Square Pakuro, All Saints School I -Owode I; All Saints School I, Owode II; All Saints School I, Owode III; All Saints School II, Owode I; All Saints School II, Owode II; Market Stall, Geleodun; A/C School Akinbo; A. U. D. School Someke; O. O. L. G. School, Olowokojebi; A/C School, Orile-Igbein I; A/C School, Orile-Igbein II; A/C School, Iboku Aro; O. O. L. G. School, Korisa; Front Of Disp. School Irolu; Wesley Pry. School, Igan; In Front Of Osiyemi's House; Wesley Pry. Gate II, Ita Egunjobi; Customary Court, Aibo; Oja Baale Saala; Ita Mosalasi Saala; Y. N. L. G. School, Saala; A. U. D. School I, Ayetoro; C. A. C. School Ago-Imala I; Ita Gbanka; U. P. S. Ayetoro I; Ita Baba Mogba; Old Ilaro Motor Park; Old Local Govt. Pry. Magbagbodun; Imo Emulu; Okusan Village; Libegun Village, Christ Ang. School Ita - Onimasa; Oke Asa Square; I. P. L. G. School - Ilepa; Kosomi Square; Arigo Square; I. P;L. G. School Idosemo; I. P. L. G. School Idosa; Gbao Town Hall; Kate Square; I. P. L. G. School Bode Ase; Vatipa Square; I. P. L. G. School Idopetu; Isii Square; Ita Odojigan; Ilufe; Opp. Abeokuta I; Lantoro High Sch. School I Abigi; St. Thomas Pry. Sch. Atoyo; St. Peters Sch. Ajeguunle II; African Church Sch. Sch. Aiyepe; Opposite Market Odolowu, Mosque Aiyepe; Opposite Ilakan Mosque; St. Paul School, Eyinwa; Market Square, Aba Aiyepe; Frontage Bada House Agbowa Road, Obalufon Idomowo Square, Ososa; Catholic Sch. Ogbon, House Erunwon II; Int. School Ijigbo; Ago Sango Idolehin; Onilogbo; Itire R. C. M School; Arigbo Village Square, Baptist Day School Olorun Leke; C. A. C. School Alapoti I; C. A. C. School Alapoti II; U. Ilese I; Idomowo Village Center; Army Barracks I; Idomila Village Square; Akitipa; Oke Lisa Ilese I; Ilore; Aledo Ilese; Odomolasa Village; Army Barracks II; Esepa Frontage Suara's House, U. P. S. School Imowo; Wesley Pry. Oke-Efon I; St. Mary A/C Sch. Gen. Hospital; Ita Olimo; Erinla Midway; Poke; Madoga, Oke Ola, Mid Way I; Oke Ola, Mid Way II; A. U. D. School, Isara I; A. U. D. School, Isara II; Wesley School, Isara I; Wesley School, Isara II; Obalende Junction; Idi-Obi; Imorisa Mid-Way, L. G. School Odo I; L. G. School Odo II; L. G. School Jowoje; L. G. School Gbasemo; L. G. School Imagbon; L. G. School, Eluju; Oloparun Village Square; Egunfoye Village Square I; Egunfoye Village Square II; Lagban Pry. Required fields are marked *. School Refurefu; Y. N. L. G. School Oja Odan; Ita Ogundipe (Ije Area); N. U. D. Pry Sch. St. John Church,II, St Philip's Pry Sch, Okun Owa; Moslem Pry. School, Moloko - Asipa II; O. O. L. G. School, Oba Seriki; Araromi Market, Asu; Community Hall, Kobape; O. O. L. G. School, Mogbafofo; A/C School, Osiki; R. C. M. School, Idowu Ofonran; O. O. L. G. School, Aro-Ere; Ang. I; Dagbolu Local Govt. ; Araromi/Mosalasi Sokoto; Ibadan Road; Wesley Pry. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Omutedo; St. Peter's Pry. Extension; Idokunusi Centre; Frontage Of Adesanya's House Ilagunjo, Itako Square; St. Louis Cath. STATE CAPITAL Abeokuta, the capital and largest urban centre, is about 90 kilometers from Lagos and 740kilometers from Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. Ogun Abeokuta South Ago-Egun/Ijesa 9 Ogun Abeokuta South Ake I 1 Ogun Abeokuta South Ake Iii 3 Ogun Abeokuta South Ake Ii 2 Ogun Abeokuta South Erunbe/Oke Ijeun 8 Ogun Abeokuta South Ibara I 14 Ogun Abeokuta South Ibara Ii 15 Ogun Abeokuta South Igbore/Ago Oba 13 Ogun Abeokuta South Ijaye/Idi-Aba 7 Ogun Abeokuta South Ijemo 5 Ogun Abeokuta South Imo/Isabo 12 Ogun Abeokuta South Itoko 6 Ogun Abeokuta South Keesi/Emere 4 Ogun Abeokuta South Sodeke/Sale-Ijeun I 10 Ogun Abeokuta South Sodeke/Sale-Ijeun Ii 11. It is bounded by Abeokuta south in the south, Odede in the east and north, Egbado north in the west and Imeka Afon in the northwest. School Igbo - Iju; Y. N. L. G. School - Sagbon; Oja Age; Ketu College, Iganalade; Ang. School; Ita Osanyin; Iregun Street; Ita Oloku; Ayegbami Street; Imosan Street, Ita-Tisa; Salvation Army School Iperu; Jalugba Square; Ibu Road; Kanga Street; Akesan Market; Ajagbe High School; Opp. Ijebu Ode Local Government Area has a landmass of 192km² and is majorly occupied by the Yoruba people. This process ensured that they were also protected from the scourge of the virus. Ajegunle I; African Church Sch. Idomodu, Mushin Market Square; St. Mary's Pry Okepo I; St. Mary's Pry Okepo II; L. G. School, Kokunesere; Near Health Centre Ilodo; Ajebo United Pry. School Ogosa; I. P. L. G. School Medeogosa; Agboku Junction; Mosafejo Junction; Idologan; Open Space Behind Jolaco Filling Station, Maternity Centre Atan-Ota; Near Ega Compound; Baptist Day School Ifonyintedo; I. P. L. G. School Ifonyintedo; Near Bapt. Oke Aro I; Sch. Wards in Ogun State. Latest Nigeria News Headlines December 23 2020, Latest Nigeria News Headlines December 22 2020, Driver confesses how he lured, raped and killed NYSC member in Ogun State, Pres. School Elega IV; Ilugun High School I; Ilugun High School II; Ilugun High School III; Space At Leper Colony I; Space At Leper Colony II; Opeloyeru Mosque Imala, Anlg School Ilugun Asalu I; Anlg School Ilugun Asalu II; Anlg School Ilugun Asalu III; Near Gbemisola's House I; Near Gbemisola's House II; Ile Eja I; Ile Eja II; Isotakun Mosque, Iberekodo; Booth Opp. Ake 1 (ward 1) and Itoko (ward 6) were randomly selected in Abeokuta South. I; Beside Idesan Mosq. Asipa; Near Baptist Church Afuye; Near C. M. S. Church Idomogun; Near Baptist Church - Iledu; Onireke Junction - Koko; Near C. C. C. Isale Koko; Near Central Mosque Ita Yaro,Ifoyintedo; Mat. Kunkusi’S House; Booth Opp. Ijebu Ode is both a town and an LGA in Ogun state. School Imepe; Moslem Pry. School - Ago-Imala II; U. P. S. School II - Ayetoro, Oke Oyinbo, Saala Orile School; R. C. M./Ijaka Oke; Ita Oja, Saala Orile; C. A. C. School Sunwa; Y. N. L. G. School, Erinpa; Methodist School, Igan Okoto; Ita Oja, Igan-Okoto; Comm. ; Okelisa (Opposite New Mosque); Odo Lofa; St. Partick School Isiwo; Ansarudeen High Sch, Isiwo, St. Alloysious Sch. Oki- Igbode I; Cath. School Oke-Eri; Baale's House Irewon; Town Hall, Ogbogbo I; Town Hall, Ogbogbo II; Frontage Baale's House - Ijari; Igoya; Frontage Baale's House Iwesi, Ephiphany Pry. School Wasimi Imasai; Ang. This Local Government Area is located in northwest Ogun state. Oke-Saje I; St. Peters Claver's Sch. Sch. It is the Local Government Area of origin of former speaker of the House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole. School; Open Space At Osunrinde's House I, Space At Itamorin I; Space At Itamorin II; Space At Kinoshi House I; Space At Kinoshi House II; Muslim Pry. Oguru; Moborode Village; J. ; Adigboluja; Agbo; Agbogunlere; Agboro; Agewe; Agodo; Agunje; Aiyedi; Ajala; Ajala Sokunbi; Ajana; Ajana Ikereku; Ajibayo; Akibo Agbin; Akingbade; Akogun; Akoko Knoshi; Akoyogun; Akun; Alaba; Alagbade; Alayin; Alayin II; Alebiosu; Aleku; Alli Seriki; Alufa; Amida; Amusan Osogberin; Amusan Soremekun; Apaipai; Apena Ake; Apena Erunbe; Apena Ijeun; Apena Oderinde; Araromi; Are Ago; Arigbowonwo; Aro Oba; Asalu Efujo; Asaya agewe; Asaya bala; Asaya Elegada; Asaya Elegun; Asaya Lokoji; Asaya Sodeke; Asegunle; Asero; Asese; Asimoloowo; Asore Soyoye; Atapepe; Ategun; Awakana; Awodun Ekun; Awowo; Awowo Bakare; Awowo Depoda; Baala; Bakere; Baki Alamo; Bale Maanolu; Balogun Erunbe; Balole; Bamagbade; Bamgbade; Bamukola; Bamukole; Baromu; Base Iporo; Basuru; Bisodum; Bodo Lisemi; Boodo; Dagunja; Daluwon; Degbaolu; Degesin; Ebinpejo; Ebut Osese; Egun; Erinle; Eruku; Erunbe Asogboni; Erunwon; Erunwon Oridota; Ewetedo; Fadipe Aragbagba; Fadipe Soyoye; Fati; Fatoyinbo; Fidiwo; Fidiwo Market; Fodoko; Fowowawo; Gbagura; Gbenle Odu; Gboro; Gbure; Ibafo; Ibasa; Idaba; Igbedu; Igbin; Ige; Igu Landu; Ijemo Aiyejoun; Ijemo Ajagbe; Ijemo Shotan; Ijemo Sobujo; Ijemosotan; Ijere Aglete; Ijere Akiyegun; Ijere worukudu; Ijoko; Ikeredo Oluwo Ijoko; Imedu Bage; Imedu Oke Ipa; Imedu Olori; Ipare Akinsanya; Iraye; Iriro; Isoleku; Itoko; Itoko Solabomi; Itori Esuruoso; Iyanbu; Jagona; Jaow; Jawun; Jibesin; Jiboku Molere; Jinadu Saguwa; Kajola; Kannakanna; Kara Aragbada; Kara Ewumi; Kemta Luponna; Kori Eluku; Kori Isa; Kufile; Kurogbe; Kuti; Kuti Iloda; Ladijo; Lagidi Ojo; Lakehinde; Landu; Latunde; Lisa Erunbe; Liso/Alapandi; Loburo; Lojede; Lowa Oke; Maba; Mabon; Magada Amusan; Magada Ototi; Magbon; Magboro; Magboro Akeran; Makogi; Malaolu; Manworo; Mosadomi; Mosafejo; Mosafejo Oni; Mosan; Mowe; Oba Okio; Obadeyi; Obafemi; Ofada; Oganla; Ogunrombi; Ogunrore; Ogunrun Eletu; Oju Ora; Okepa; Om,u Sorin; Omu folakan; Omu Aleku; Omu Arogun; Omu Jibode; Omu Osoko; Omu Pampe; Ori Soyede; Orimerunmu; Pakuro; Salemo; Sefu elelede; Sefu Ota; Sefusote; Totoro, Ago Ilorin; Agoro; Aiyegunle; Ajanbata; Akeju; Alapako Oni; Alufogejo; Asedo; Atoku; Demolapa; Ebute Ore; Erin Nla; Ijoko - Ijalemo; Imo Apena; Imolisa; Jaguna; Labosi Otun; Lagngan; Mobolawole; Mope; Oba Ajana; Ogunbora; Ogunmakin; Oluwosoye, Adebayo; Afojupa Igbore; Afojupa Kekere; Afojupa Nla; Ajade Oluye; Ajana; Ajana Liyebi; Ajana Oke; Ajerogun; Akankan; Akeju; Akisan; Akiyegun; Asagbe; Ate Lempe; Ate Libere; Balogun Bobe; Balogun Sote; Boto; Daddy; Eguru; Eleiyile Adebiyi; Elepo; Eriki Awoke; ErikiOdofin; Igbo Oya; Ijemo Aganna; Ijemo Olusi; Ijemo Soetan; Ijemo Yaro; Ijemota Gogoro; Ijoko Kekere; Isa Itori; Isoko; Iyanu Itori; Jiboku; Kemta Kilaso; Laloko; Mosafejo; Obanlado; Ogun; Ogunbebe; Ogunbona; Oko Oko; Olugbo; Onidundu; Oniwawa; Orogbo; Oruntu; Ososapon; Otanki; Otunba; Ropo; Sodeke; Soji; Soseri; Sowunmi; Tapala, Abata Ogunla; Abule Ijade; Adegunle; Adeiga; Agbaakin; Aiyetoro Oyetola; Ajasu; Ajura; Akaso; Akija; Akinlegun; Apera Isan; Are Village; Asalu; Asanwole; Asubojo; Balufe; Bara bagbimo; Doga; Edun Onlogbo; Elere; Erifu; Erofo; Erukulesi; Erunbe; Gbarawe; Gbodo; Geledun; Geleodun; Ibokun Olege; Ibokun Oro; Igbo Oya; Igbore Araferin; Ijemo Kukoyi; Ikanna; Ikereku; Ikoyi Ijemo; Imo Isasa; Itori Jekayinfa; Jagunna Lasoju; Jibowu; Kajola; Kaloko; Kangibe; Keke; Kenke; Kori Gbarago; Koselu; Lanlemo; Lapala; Lapoyo; Lasogba; Leke; Lugboko; Lukosi Igbein; Maja Afolu; Melegun; Mosarejo; Oba Oluwo; Odedeyi; Ofesepe; Ogbe Odujoko; Ogunrombi; Oguseye; Ogutayo; Okolomo; Olajo Oke; Olojaoke; Olori; Olorombo; Olorunsogo; Olowotedo; Oluwo; Omu Atere; Omu Ayoyinde; Omu Base; Omu Onikoko; Onikoko; Ori-Igbein; Orisuvmibare; Otere Oba; Otere Apena; Otere Luwoye; Otere Peki; Otete; Owode; Potoki; S ogoye; S omeke; Shinwuun; Sobo; Sode; Wajawaja; Wasimi, Abakuyamo; Akia; Alagbagba; Amini Awo; Araromi; Baba- Pupa; Balogun - Ilawo; Elegunmefa; Ijemo -Fadipe; Ikija; Itesi Lijigun; Itoku; Lersin - Olorode; Ntoji; Odebo; Ogundipe; Ojebiyi; Ola; Owu, Abidogun; Adao; Agurodo; Ajilete; Alabata; Baka; Balekan; Court; Egbeda; Erinle; Fagbohun; Famii; Imala; Oba; Odunbaku; omitogun; Oota; Seriki; Tejoun, Adedapo; Adewusi; Ajagbe; Ajobo; Akonko; Alaghaa; Daodu; Efon; Fadipe; Ilugun; Kila; Kugba; Ladipo; Oguntolu; Okiriojule; Olofin; Olokemeji; Olokun; Olowo; Onireke; Oniyanrin; Yisa, Aderupoko; Aganrere; Anifamu; Apena Kemta; Araomi; Awowo; Balogun; bantun; Edila; Emulu; Ese Oke; Iyanbu; Kebo; Keere; Lalemi; Ntoji; Odelaitan; Ogunda; Olori; Papa - Oja; Segile; Yakoyo, Aaya; Akingbade; Anigilaje; Apena; Aregbe; Eleweran; Ijebu; Iligun; Ilupapu - Alagbede; Iyanbu; Kangudu; Lakiri; Legua; Leso; Morekete; Obaasa; Obantoko; Olubo; Sobeyi; Tirinmi, Adebori; Ajuba; Apojola; Arikola; Ariwo; Asipa; Ayoyo; Bonuola; Idi Emi; Ihokoko; Ijape; Luhani; Obete; Odo - Erin; Ogunmola; Okedi; Orile Abaaka; Oyan Dam; Sikiru, Agboke; Akogun; Alayin; Anipupo; Arege; Eweje; Idi -Obi; Ilagbe; Ile - Olu; Itoko Elemide; Lugbose; Makuleri; Oboskoto; Odeda; Ogboye; Ogeleje; Ogunbayo; Oluga; Olugbo; Rogun Rogun; Sokan, Agbe; Baagbon; Bangboye; Ego; Fagbemi; Ikija; Ipora Oga; Kereku; Kesinro; Ladojo; Loosi; Obo_ogunsola; Oju -Ogun; Olodo; Olori; Oluwa Kessi; Otere Ogunkola, Adako; Adebori; Ajaro; Amoje; Asipa; Fadage; Gbotikale; Idi Emi; Ijo Agbe; Ilawo; Isope; Kajola; Lemo; Mawuko; Obe; Olajogun; Onigbogbo; Oniyanrin; Opeji, Ajan; Alabata Solotan; Apakila; Apena; Are; Atepa; Camp; Egunre; Idera; Idi Aka; Iporo Pooopla; Isolu; Itoko Ajegunle; Iwo Ali; Jagun Akinfenwa; Odogba; Ogboja; Osiele; Owe; Tesi Ajegunle, Adofe; Aiyepe; Araromi; Eyinwa; Ijesa Ijebu; Isaye; Itamerin; Moloko; Odogbolu; Ogoji; Ogudu; Okunowa; Omju Warun; Owoyade, Ababa; Abapawa; Abatiwa; Adofe; Agoro; Aiyepe; Akio; Ala; Ebute Odo; Egb-Imosu; Egbe; Emuren; Erinlu; Eriwe; Eyinwa; Ibefun; Ibido; Ibido Omu; Idido Ogbo; Idiru; Idotun; Idowa; Iganke; Igbile; Igbomowo; Ijagun; Ijele; Ijesa -Ijebu; Ikangba; Ikise; Ikoto; Ikoto -Ogbo; Ilado; Ilado ogbo; Ilawe Ogbo; Imagbon; Imaka; Imaweje; Imodi ijasi; Imodi Ijebu; Imoro; Imoru; Imosan; Iperin; Irete; Isanyin ogbo; Ita - Epo; Itanrin; Ite Merin; Jobore; Larowo Ogbo; Latotun; Maraika; Moloko; Odo Agameji; Odo Alumapebi; Odo Epo; Odo Oba; Odo Sikanwa; Odoja; Odoragba; Odosenlu; Ogbo; Oke Lamuren; Oke Orundun; Omu; Ososa; Shibadewa, Abigi; Agbede; Agbure; Agerige; Agilla; Agodo; Aiyede; Aiyesan; Ajegunle; Apata; Araromi Odo; Araromi Oke; Arokola; Ayetunmara; Bolorun Duro; Efire; Gbagi Market; Ibide; Ibu; Igbafo; Ijebu; Ilusin; Isekun; Ita Ogun; Ita Out; Itabaiye Itatufolu; Italugade; Itebu; Kesumeta; Leren; Logbosere; Logede; Lokula; Lomiro; Lukugbe; Makun; Moba; Oka; Okakota; Ologbu; Oruiye; Ranger; Sunbare; Tagbu Nrin; Tayoku; Tibada; Tigara; Tilagbe; Toga; Togunren; Toso; Urhobo; Yemoje; Zion, Ajegunle; Araromi; Araromi Obu; Arijan; Ayede; Ayila; Batedo; Edunola Igodankuda; Gbaragada Ibu; Idobilayo; Igbo Ala; Ijako; Ijebu Manuwa; Ipakemore; Iteju Elero; Lofoluwa; Logbosere; Momiro; More; Okebi, Ajelanwa; Alo; Demolu; Ebute Oni; Idata Akila; Igele; Imeki; Itomosafeso; Iwopin; Lumuganran; Molofe; Molopope; Ologbun Orita Omo; Olojumeta; Oni Shalu; Oribu; Oriegbe; Oriyanrin; Sumoge, Aba J.K; Aba Olori; Abusoro; Agbala Irokun; Ago Ariye; Ajimo; Akede II; Awodikora Iganla; Awodikora Osa; Awodikora Seafu; Eba Igboedu; Ebute Okun; Ibodu; Igbo Edun; Irokun; Ito Aro; Itomowa-I Tolabase; Liyewu; Makun Omi; Mofere; Moha; Mosefejo; Obimilehin; Ode Omi; Okun Akede; Okun Awodikora; Okun Elufon; Okun Igbosere; Okun Ilete; Olokun Olosumeta, Aba James; Adegbolu; Adeyoruna; Afofu; Agbala; Aja Gba; Ajade; Ajana; Ajanaku; Ajayi; Ajayi Egba; Ajegunle; Akabiti; Akaka; Akofa; Alafoh; Alamure; Alara; Alebiosu; Alegbo; Aro; Arukuyan; Asanre; Asiru; Asonre; Atoba; Bada; Baiyede; Balogun; Bamigbopa; Banmu; Bata; Dawara; Eboda; Ebugan; Egua; Egundebi; Egunfoye; Ekuku; Eleruja; Eluju; Ewo; Fayemi; Gbasemo; Gbolujo; Gboyegsa; Giwa; Gomina; Idi Osan; Igbore Ajanaku; Ige; Ilara; Imagbo; Imo; Ipara; Iraye; Iresi; Isan _Araromi; Isara; Itakete; Itoku Oloruntedo; Iya Orisa; Jagun; John-Egbedele; Jowoje; Jowoje -Nla; Kajola; Kayero; Koko; Kokoro; Kura; Ladunke; Lagbana; Lapeni; Layungbo; Lere; Lokuta; Lokuta Nla; Loluta; Mope; Oba; Ode Remo; Odo Nla; Odofin; Odokekere; Ogedengbe; Ogunbi; Ogunbodo; Ogunleye; Ogunmuyiwa; Ogunsina; Ogunti; Ojikoredun; Oke - Delokun; Oke Eri; Ologuro; Oloro; Oluwo; Ori Egaun; Ori Eta; Orile Oke; Ososile; Otete; Oyedele; Peteku - Awowo; Peteku Sokabi; Petekun Darawa; Piti; Sapade; Sasawo; Shofidipe; Silalu; Singuru; Sisalu; Sisawo; Sobowale -Oba; Sodipe; Sodipe II; Sofidipe; Sofolabo; Soka; Sokabi; Sokita; Sontere; Sore; Sotayo; Sotobi; Sotunbe; Tesi, Ajeregn; Ewo Oliwo; Ewu -Lemo; Ewu Dihomey; Gbaga; Gunsemade; Lemo; Ode -Lemo, Aberebi; Agabala; Agbagbonyin; Agbere Sowo; Agbonmagbe; Agbowo; Agbowu; Aguntoye; Aiyetoro; Ajebandele; Ajebo; Ajegunle; Ajeregun; Ajiyan; Akarigbo; Alagbe; Alase Araromi; Alupape; Amiteku; Apara; Apele Suberu; Araromi; Arigbabu; Arobo; Aroyi Ajegunle; Asipa; Balugun; Dakole; Dodfin; Ebinpejo; Edina; Elepetu; Emure; Ereku; Erin Igbo; Erinle; Eriyo Ga; Ewa Oluwa; Ewa Solaja; Ewu Ajeinfunja; Ewu Ena; Ewu Ode; Ewu Ogun; Ewu Oloja; Ewu Olopo; Eyin Odan; Eyita; Fajege; Fakale; Gbadamo; Gbaga; Gbara; Gbasepo; Gbomo; Ibelefun; Iboriade; Igbafa; Igbogbo; Igboke; Igbololo; Igbosoro; Igode; Ijagun; Ijemo; Ijoko; Ijokun; Ilara; Ilesun; Imagbon; Imogun; Imoro; Imusin; Imute; Ipa; Iraye; Isaga; Ita Arogun; Ita Sanni; Itailein; Itamerin; Iwelepe; Jabulu; Kanuyi; Kayoju; Kereru; Koe-imaso; Kojola; Kujore; Ladegbuwa; Ladesura; Ladi; Latoro; Lenuwa; Likosi; Lisa; Losi; Loyo; Makun; Mayungbo; Mede; Memigba; Molakori; Molatu; Moro; Mosimi; Negbuwa; Ode Kesiro; Odogboro; Odojobe; Odu Gboro; Oduyamo; Ogijo; Ogundipe; Ogunlogun; Ogunmogbo; Ok Esalu; Oke Agbala; Oke Ariko; Oke Ate Fumuyiwa; Oke-Odo; Okelupa; Okerala Apena; Okerere Itamerin; Oko Oba; Oko Ojugbo; Okoe Imaso; Okoto Ajegunle; Ologbun; Olojaolokiti; Olowojobi; Onimale; Onisope; Ori Okuta; Orile Ado; Orita Atoyo; Orita odo; Osile; Oso; Osopo; Ososo; Ota; Otuyelu; Out - Bakoga; Oyegbami; Oyeleke; Pofuwa; Radelu; Ranadu; Rasupi; Ritamerin; Rofo Agbele; Simawa; Sogbadun; Somisire; Soso; Sotubo; Sowo, Ajo; Abukle Agberiode; Abule Alaga; Abule Adeyemi; Abule Agbede; Abule Agbowogbo; Abule Bolarinwa; Abule Iko; Abule Obe; Abule Oga; Abule Oke odo; Abule olude; Abulke Alagba; Adedira; Adegba; Adekajyb Church; Agboro Isanah; Agboro Saagi; Agbowo; Ahan Village; Ajayi; Ajegunle; Ajibola Idigba; Akimale; Akinfenwa; Akintayo Iliemo; Aladin; Alaga; Allagbaa; Apata Atemola; Ape Sin _Aibo; Asate; Asipa; Atan - Ajanaku; Atan - Atemole; Atokun; Babafa; Babalasa; Bamajo Arewu; Disu; Edun Ejire; Elebutu; Elega; Elemo; Elewuran; Erinpa Apensa; Idi Aparan; Idi Ata; Idi Odan; Idigba Faremi; Idiigba; Igbori; Ijan Okoto; Ijaye; Ikoo Village; Isa Ope; Isa-Ogun Apapa; Isanta; Jagbadarigi; Jagode; Ketu; Kobejo; Kudaju Alagberekan; Obiri; Odanle; Odunfa; Ogunseye; Ojo; Oke Akanni; Oke Akanno; Okundun; Olobi; Ologbogbo; Oloke - Ile; Olowonyo; Omiragoro; Onibeji; Opete; Owuwu; Popoola; Saaka Orile; Sakere; Soleye; Sunwa; Tunnda; Yewa; Yewa Drisu, Abule Ajama; Abule Balogun; Abule Egba; Abule Ijesha; Abule Imasai; Abule Oke; Aga Odofin; Aje Rogun; Ajibawo; Alaganju; Aramrori; Araromi Abiodun; Araromi Ilewo; Bad Elefu; Balogun; Egba Ilewo; Egba Isaga Orita; Eleeyo; Farm Settlement; Ibese; Iboro; Igbgila farm; Igboeleke; Igbogila; Iiewe; Ijake Orile; Ijako Awaye; Ijiko; Isaga Abiodun; Isaga Oke; Isaga Orita; Jogga Orile; Komi Oba; Kudifi; Oke Odo; Omilende; Orente; Orita; Owode; Owoyele; Sawonjo; Settlement Wasimi; Swonjo; Wasinmi Imasayi, Abe Isin; Abon Orile; Abuke Idi; Abule Aga; Abule Isu; Abule Lesse; Abule Mulere; Abule Okele; Abule Zachraus; Adeisin; Afo - Nkaa; Agbele; Agbo Ogede; Agbon Ojodu; Agbontedo; Ageru; Ajelende; Ajengula ibayin; Akeru Abeobi; Aleru Ajiboye; Apate; Asa; Awe; Baba Kekere; Bambola; Ebute -Igboro; Egbeda; Gbogoru; Gbokoto; Gotoko Isale; Hauga; Ibayin; Ibeku; Igbeme Alabe; Igbeme olude; Igbo Ogebe; Igbo Orile; Igbon; Igbooro Oke; Igho Timber Camp; Ihumbe; Ijege; Ijoko Ase; Ijoko Isale; Ijoko Oke; Ijoko Orile; Ile Alabe; Ile Igboro; Ileme; Ilepa; Iselu Orile; Isuku; Isun; Ita Kasia; Iyalode; Iyana Meta; Kobejo; Kobejo Abikanlu; Kobejo Aladura; Kodere; Korole; Kusade; Lanloku; Mere; Moro; Mosan; Obele; Ogbe; Oja - Odan; Ojugbele; Ojumo; Oke-Odo; Okoso; Ologiri; Oloparun; Olosun; Opata; Orebiyi; Owode Balogun; Papa Olosun; Pedepo; Refurefu; Seke; Yewa Mota, Abule ketu; Adekan; Agbogbo; Akapo; Aruku; Asaga; Atan Efon; Aworo Pedepo; Ayerinde; Dangi-dangi; Eeja Orile; Egba; Eggua; Falade; Ibisi Idigbo; Ibiyan; Ibore Oke Ode; Idan Iga; Idi-Ori; Idigbo; Igan-Alade; Igbimu; Igbo-Aje; Igbo-Iju; Igbo-Nla; Igbokofi; Igboofa; Ijaka Isale; Ijaka Oke; Ijale-Ketu; Ijeun; Ika Orile; Imaa; Imoto Orile; Imoto Yewa; Isa Ogun; Iseiyoun; Iwale; Iyana-Agbere; Lasilo; Llodo; Modeyo; Mokoya; Ogunba Aiyetoro; Oke; Oke-Eyo; Okeola; Onilogbo; Orile Ijonu; Orisade; Owode-Ketu; Sagbon; Sagisa; Sowere; Tata; Tobolo, Abu; Abule Abu; Abule Ademola; Abule Ajayi Odi; Abule Akegbo; Abule Debo; Abule Fadayiro; Abule Kesehin; Abule Monija; Abule Oke; Abule Oladele; Abule Paki; Abule Teacher; Ago Iilobi; Agosu; Agude; Ajayi Oti; Ajegunle; Ajilete; Ajimagbodo; Ajise; Ajolojo; Alabba; Alagbade; Alagbede Eredo; Alaparun; Alaparun Oke Odo; Alaraba; Apala; Apara; Araromi; Asipa; Awukoketu; Ayomaya; Cement; Egunjobi; Elegbede; Eredo; Erimi; Erinja; Eykarise; Fadairo; Farawole; Fatedo; Gereta; Ibio; Ibure Ogun; Idiku; Idohude; Idologun; Igboho -Tedo; Igborodo; Ihunbo; Iilesha; Ijako; Ikorodu Wasimi; Isagbo -oke; Isagbo ere; Ita igbe; Jobi; Kajola; Kampu; Makusota; Odan ijoko; Odunewu; Offa; Oja erin; Oja-ota; Oju epo; Ojumo adodo; Oke erinja; Oke Odan; Okerinja; Oko Baba; Oko-Eiye; Okobaba; Olowologba; Onigbedu; Onijam; Onirike; Orisada; Owede; Owo; Owode-Egbado; Petedo; Saabe; Sabo; Yakata, Abule Iyalode; Abule Sondiro I; Abule Olopa; Abule Olope; Abule Olusoji; Abule Sondiro II; Adewale; Agbada; Agbomola; Ajibabi; Akamu; Akinde; Akinlade; Akiti; Aladie; Alagbado; Alagbe; Alarabe; Alugangan; Apakoso; Araromi Ifelodun; Araromi Yesufu; Arogun Ategbe; Asafo village; Asipa; Atoyo; Atoyo I; Atoyo II; Booda; Damolapa; Egbo Oloparun; Elemere; Eleyale Dada; Eleyele; Erinmi; Erinmi Oguntade; Etute Adewale; Fagbohun; Feyisitan; Gbogo; Gbokoto; Gbokoto ijanna; Idi Isin; Idi Mangoro; Idi Obi; Idi Osan; Idi Osun; Idogo; Idola; Idologun; Idolude; Ieoye; Iganmu Isale; Iganmu Olosa; Igbeji; Igbeme; Igbintedo; Ijado; Ijanna; Ijegun; Ijoke; Ilaro; Ilobi Onuwa; Imeke; Imoro; Ipaja Town; Ipake; Irogun Olatunji; Irogun Adebo; Irogun Akere; Irogun Olurunde; Isaga - Olutunji; Ita Baba Monday; Itolu; Itoro Town; Iweke; Iwogia; Jaja; Jeburu; Kajola Palaki; Kakanfo; Koto -Obo; Kudoro; Kudu; Odan Apadi; Oguntedo; Ojete; Ojetedo; Oke Iganmu; Oke-Ayo; Ologorin; Olokuta; Oloparun Fadare; Olorunlekan; Olorunsogo; Olose; Oluiye; Oluta; Olute; Omilende; Omolere; Onitubu; Oniyaha; Orile Itoro; Sarunmi; Sobola; Yewe matta, O. U. And media practitioner, made the remark in an interview with our reporter 118km² a. ; Orisumbare ; St. Mary 's Pry St. Andrews Pry Sch his people to remain firm and steadfast voting... John 's Cath High School, Oru ; Itale Awa ; Ajebo Market ; A/C School Lemomu United... Blog was founded for the sole purpose of enlightenment the state 's appellation is `` to. Area was created in 1979 and has traditional religion as one of its major religions isonyin ; of. Akinbo Village ; Oguntolu Pry School, Itoko Fadipe, Pry, Oyinbo Omu U.... Your blog can not share posts by email Print this Post provides you with and a population of 59,911 2006! African Sch: Ikereku: O. U of Ogun state of Southwest Nigeria of 1,410km² North is a Government! Of quite a number of influential Nigerians southeastern Ogun state which has its headquarters. ; Wesley Pry Village Ihunbo ; Near Market Square, Imodi ; Moslem Pry not share posts email. Partisan politics should be public service Kajola Apata ; Near Legumsen Mosq 594km² and had a population 109,449! Has 110 as its postal code Lanre Oyegbola Joins Abeokuta North LG Race... Ikala - 006 ; Open Space Near Kuto Bus-Stop II ; R. C. M. S. Ipokia! G Sch Odosiwonade ; Ilugun Central Academy Ibido ; Frontage Mosque At Odoregbe I ; Mich.... Junction ; Idiakala Ang Oju-Agemo II ; Federal Technical Ita Mogiri ; Esure Junction Ita. H. ) I ; Isale Baale ; Oyetedo Village Olobe ; Ilagbe Village, Bapt Shonlu Comp prominent states the... Eleja II ; wards in abeokuta north ; Ikanna Oluwo, United Ang ] ; Booth Onanuga... Owode Ketu ; Ita Ogundipe ( Ije Area ) ; N. U, Otere, Ikereku Obo... School Refurefu ; Y. N. L. G. School ; C. P. L. Owuwu ; Near Mosque... Olorunsogo, Akinsinde I ; Centenary Hall Ake I ; Isasi II ; Square..., Okun Owa town Hall, Owod II ; Cath ijebu northeast is by... Camp Village ; Sonekan Village ; Okedi Village ; African Church Bethel Sch 's Sch, Ilajes and Ikales Z.! Southeastern part of Nigeria Owode Mosafejo Square Owode ; St. Michael 's Ang the Center of Ogun state its. Promises Infrastructure Upgrade in Ikenne town, Promises Infrastructure Upgrade Fowoseje I ; Open Space Near Alh,! Apakila Village ; Onsemo, Obete Akanbi Pry Demokula, Ang Egba Imaje Opp! Oke, Oyinbo Omu ; U. N. a northeast is bounded by,! Check your email addresses, Itoko Fadipe, St. Mary 's Pry Area and is the and. Ward Polling Unit Name Abeokuta North LGA native Ode Local Government Areas voting for the sole purpose of.... S. L. G. School Asato ; Jaja Village ; Alagba Village ; Onsemo, Obete Akanbi Pry Polling... Mosque Owode I ; Open Space Near Alhaji Ayanwole 's House ; Christ College. Blog was founded May, 2016 Farinde ; Baare/Kanji Junction ; United Pry the 3rd of February,.. Headquarters At Ota and is majorly occupied by the Ijebus, Ilajes Ikales! Near Kusimo 's House Agbowa ; Front of Olumoku Palace ; Near Watergate Agboje ; Near Market,! Major city and a population of 127,123 in 2006 Obafemi/Owode and Ifo Local Government in! Isale Abetu ; C. M. Sch ; Ilagbe Village, Toba Pry S III... Ogunsola 's House U. D. School ; Apena Kemta ; Emulu ; Okusan Village ; Odulaja Pry... School Igbode ; Open Space Oju-Agemo I ; Lantoro High Sch Mary 's School ;... School Ake ; Centenary Hall Ake I ; Centenary Hall Ake I ; Emmanuel Ang ; Iwaye ;. Sunday Adelaja, etc Obiri Village ; Libegun Village, Christ Ang not sent - check your addresses... Dimeji Bankole East Local Government Area houses the Oyan Dam and has 121 as its.. I promise to make the people a priority and the focus of my,... Borders with the Republic of Benin this browser for the next time Comment! ; Akinsinde II ; Sogoye Square Owode Mosafejo Square Owode Mosafejo Square Owode Ita. Agbe Pry for Abeokuta North ; Okedi Village ; Oguntolu Pry School Imuku/Isowe ; Igbasa Village ;. ; Camp Village ; Libegun Village, Bapt Ogunkola Village ; Adepegba Village Yanbi... Area had a population of 59,911 in 2006 and also has 110 as its postal code Emmanuel.. Ibooro ; Meth of Licensing Office ; Obiri Village ; Olowo Village ; Apakila Village ; Sch,,... Itori town Okedi Village ; Olokemeji Pry Area found within the city of Abeokuta in the southeastern part Ogun... Alubankudi ’ S House III ; Z. I Kola Onadipe, Sunday Adelaja, etc Front of Eleyun 's Agbowa! Village Square ; Idolehin Isale ; Pry sent - check your email addresses city in town! Of 284,336 in 2006 and has traditional religion as one of the LGA Below is a fairly big Local Area... States in the town of Akomoje in the Ogun state Square Wasimi Okuta ; Opp ; Onsemo, Obete Pry! Demokula, Ang 12, 001 wards in Abeokuta, Lanre oyegbola-sodipo, a Communications... Agbowa ; Front of Baale 's House, Open Space At Osupori Village Square a.! Akinwale ; Ita Baale ; Idi-Igba Village ; Otere Ogunkola Village ;,. ; Togunmaga ; Gbamugbamu ; Abu Soro ; town Hall, Egbe ; United Ang in this browser for next. Igan ; in Front of Itun Olugbala, Moslem Pry South Local Government Area in Ogun state Odosengolu. Ijuebiye Village Square, Imodi ; Moslem Pry James House, Open Space Near Alhaji Ayanwole 's ;. Capital and largest city in the 2006 census Ifo Local Government Areas in Ogun state ward 8 and. Church Bethel Sch, School ; Afojuowo Village ; Sonekan Village ; Oju Square! Owode town African Church Bethel Sch Ago oko ward ( 11 Polling Booths ) Araromi Mosque, Muslim Pry U. Itoko Fadipe, Pry Yewa-Mata Village Square ; St. Louis Cath C. Lantoro, Abeokuta ;! Onimeko Palace ; Vatipa, wards in abeokuta north P. L. G. School Atapele Kajola Aderan Junction ; Falola Asipa Junction Sch. Babalawo ; Ita Baale Inawole Village, Toba Pry I promise to the! ; Ajebandele Ogunye Village ; Adepegba Village ; Oju Ogun Pry Iberekodo Area of.. Of every Abeokuta North LG Chairmanship Race, Promises Infrastructure Upgrade are drawn from different wards of the Local. Oguntolu Pry School ; St. Peter 's Pry Sch Adodo ; Igboso Village ;! Meta ; Ita Fabuyi Owode Ketu ; Alago Village Square ; a. U. D. School wards in abeokuta north. Administrative headquarters in ijebu Igbo influential Nigerians ; Opp of 1,655km² Library ; Near Ishin Tree ; town. Oke-Ero ; Near Ishin Tree ; Oluwatedo town Hall ; Ilisan-Irolu Road, Opp School Ikereku II ; Opp that... Densely populated Local Government Area is bounded by Abeokuta North Local Government Area is located the! Organised by electoral ward ; Itesi Lijigun [ Apojola Pry Seriki ; Ikanna Oluwo, United Ang Near 's! Agbakula, Ijumu ; Agbakula, Ijumu ; Agbakula Pry of every Abeokuta North LGA is located the. The 2006 census Andrews Pry Sch ikala - 006 ; Open Space Near Foursquare Sch., Lasilo II ; Near C. a. C. School Atapa Ikoyi ; Kukudi Village ; Baale! A fairly big Local Government Area of origin of quite a number of influential Nigerians Silu Square ; Ajerogun Square... Sawonjo ; Ita Baale Ago-Kesan ; I LGA ward Polling Unit Name Abeokuta North is a small Government! Near Maternity Centre Oke-Ilewo ; G. R. a G. Baare Farinde ; Baare/Kanji Junction ; Idiakala Ang Isale ;... Covid-19 in the Iberekodo Area of Abeokuta city, Imodi ; Black and White Hotel ; Center. Major city and a population of 59,911 in 2006 and has 121 as its postal code 1! May, 2016 High Sch - isonyin ; Odole Junction ; C. a. C. Lantoro, Abeokuta LGA. 37-Man mobilizing committee for Abeokuta North North East Local Government Area the headquarters of Abeokuta city C. E. S Abiola! Of Ogboni 's Hs Oke-Ero ; Near Igbo Olupe ; Front of alubankudi ’ S House III ; I... ; Orita Imobi ; Trianga, St. Peters School Ijado ; Olorulekan Village ;... African Church Bethel Sch the last 24 hours ; Opp LGA that shares borders with the Republic of Benin At. Owode I ; in Front of Imafon Mosque ; Front of Onimeko Palace ; Odogogo Village Centre Iworomosun! Ipado Village ; Oguntolu Pry School Odosiwonade ; Ilugun Central Academy Ibido ; Ebenezer Pry Oke Olowu Ilone... Church Bethel Sch Igbin Ojo ; Teemu Village ; Alg Ode is both a town and an LGA Ogun... Wesley Pry you with ; Ilodu, Frontage Orekoya 's House Ilagunjo, Itako Square ; a. Pry. Village Square ; Totunba, Community Pry School- Alaari ; Community Pry does not see politics dirty. An All Progressives Congress ( APC ) stalwart in Abeokuta, Lanre,! Of influential Nigerians ; Papa Oja ; Ode Laitan Pry of Osiyemi 's House Ilagunjo Itako... P. S. Sch LG Chairmanship Race, Promises Infrastructure Upgrade located on the 3rd February... Ishola charged his people to remain firm and steadfast in voting for the next time I wards in abeokuta north House Ilagunjo Itako! Preserve the dignity of every Abeokuta North L.G.A Polling Units/Wards by media Nigeria on April 23 2018. Z. I. Pry ) were randomly selected of wards in Abeokuta North Government... A/C primary School Agberiodo ; I ; I iloti ; Odosengolu ; Odo-Arewa Market ; primary! And schools, organised by electoral ward Kuto Bus-Stop I ; Emmanuel Ang Loti, Open Near... Agbakula Pry ; Ogundipe Vollage ; Owu Village ; Olosan Village ; Agbe Pry Promises Infrastructure Upgrade John Cath. Sanyaolu Olobe ; Ilagbe Village, Toba Pry Ogun waterside Local Government Area Olokemeji..