There are 8 different colours I like UV motor oil colour. Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Best Selling. Davis fished for flatheads all across the United States during a 21-year military career. There are slits in the tail which makes the tail bounce up and down when you work the plastic, and the little legs and antennas move to make it look realistic. Let’s move on to something a little different, these are the Savage Gear 3D TPE Shrimp. Basically, they won’t rise or sink they’ll stay at the same level. You can see this lure in action on many of the FishingMad videos. Just leave it out there, and when all the shaking stops, it's time to start paying attention. No scent so I just apply a small amount of s-factor or procure along the tail. Best Lures. Flatheads will also consume bluegills or shad cut in half but really seem to prefer whole, swimming fish better. Send your reports, pictures, videos and product reviews to He usually hooks an 8- or 9-inch bullhead through the back near the tail, so the bait is off-balance and must constantly fight to stay level. To catch flathead catfish you need to know a couple of things. Remember to like and follow us to show your support, Best Flathead Soft Plastics and Lures 2020, Fish Finder Review 2020 – Which sounder should I buy, Fishing Knots Guide | Learn How to Tie essesntial Fishing Knots, Fishing retail outlets close | Melbourne Covid restrictions, Altona Pier Upgrade Coming | Have your say and design input, Golden Tag fishing competition postponed until further notice. A really good alternative to the Zmans is the Savage Gear Fat Curl tails. "Thump or vibration is what matters," Anderson adds. Share your fishing experiences with the FishingMad community. He reported that the 54-inch giant offered a 15- to 20-minute battle before surrendering boatside. If you want more action on your swimbaits, choose a 60-degree black platinum hook! "During the day, these flatheads aren't in feeding mode," Halgren says, "so I show them the bait, then take it away, over and over again. The previous Texas record, 98 pounds even, had stood for 22 years. Live fish top the list of “traditional” flathead baits, and with good reason. "But be patient and ignore all that shaking, even if you leave it out there for an hour or more. In a similar profile, you also have the 3-inch gulp jigging shrimp. They come in about 15 different colour choices But I really like this bright colour called Nuked Chicken Glow. In my experience, the offshore flatties, when they are there, are ravenous. “If that engine starts without my kill switch on, I ain't the one driving it,” Blake Broussard says after ejection video goes viral. One of my favourite soft plastics is the Zman Streaks 4 inch Curly tails. If green sunfish aren't legal in your waters, then bullheads, river worms, mudpuppies, eels, or fresh chunks of cutbait definitely should be on the menu. Michigan's state record might not rank among the top 10 fattest flatheads of all time. Flathead can be found in water of any depth within these systems in water depths from 10cm to many metres, but the primary depth for glidebaiting is 2 metres or less. This is the most important … Patience is key for the Delta blue cat game. Other entrees might include feisty bluegills, bullheads, or creek chubs served on sliprigs constructed with 12-inch leaders. He threads a baseball-size gob of river worms onto an 8/0 or 10/0 hook below a pegged slip sinker, then casts the slow-writhing mass into a prime flathead … Again, duskies will eat anything. The rubber on the good quality baits is reinforced so it can … Duskies will attack just about anything. Get the best deals on Flathead Fishing Swimbaits when you shop the largest online selection at The secret is to prevent them from burrowing through the crushed ice and to the melt water at the bottom of the container where they'll drown. You can buy Munroes Ziptail worms here. They target most fish that swim. "All the juice and activity attracts larger fish that in turn eventually attract the big boy in charge of that particular hole. Iowa regulations allow two hooks per rod, so Murray and Whittaker use either a 3-way swivel or a Kentucky-style twisted-monofilament leader rig to put a chunk of fresh cutbait — usually a small shad or herring fillet — on the same rig with a live sunfish, bullhead, or chub. Where to look for them, what time of day to fish them, what bait to use, what gear you need, and rigs. There suspending lures which means when you pause, they maintain there depth. This type of trolling is an outstanding technique for covering water. "I thump a waterdog on the head to kill it," he says, "then hook it through both lips. Best Flathead Soft Plastics and Lures 2020. It measured 53 inches long, with a 40-inch girth. RMG Scorpion 35mm STD; Ecogear SX-40 Hard Body Lure; Best eating quality is often around the 40cm mark, where possible please take a photo and release the 70cm plus breeder which … I have caught countless flathead with this soft plastic. We will have them posted on the FishingMad website and social media pages to share with other FishingMad community members. The waterdog option — While Anderson has had success trolling crankbaits for flatheads, 9-inch waterdogs pitched into nooks and crannies along shoreline cover also have been deadly flathead bait. A good alternative is Munroe’s 4-inch zip tail worms. Dessert could be a back-hooked mudpuppy or a crankbait trolled through a school of gizzard shad. Scented Lures For Catfish: Catfish have olfactory receptors all over their bodies, which is why they are so attracted to … But I usually catch more and bigger flatheads by using proven baits like green sunfish or bullheads. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Ready to Cast Rigs. It's not necessary to horse him back to the boat. Fishing with hard body lures is a little more complex. Crankbait color doesn't seem to make a big difference in murky water. You can certainly catch big fish with small soft plastics but I really like the 3.5 inch size for targeting flathead. Start your search by viewing or range for sale below. We average about 5 minutes per snag. An appropriate-sized sliding egg sinker above a swivel keeps the chunk of sucker on the bottom. Many people look at the … Eighty-three pounds is the mark to beat, thanks to Carl Sawyer and Jim Dieveney. He uses river worms, a sluggish, blackish-purple-brown worm found along riverbanks from Oklahoma to the Carolina coast. A great starting lure for land based flathead is a ZMan 3" MinnowZ, rigged on a 1/4oz or 3/8oz 3/0 TT Lures HeadlockZ HD jighead. Best Glide Baits: River2Sea S-Waver; Gan Craft Jointed Claw; Savage Gear 3D Shine; Soft Swimbaits. These come in a handful of colours but I have done really well on flathead using watermelon red. ", Anderson says his goal when trolling is to trigger impulse strikes from aggressive flatheads already bent on feeding. He threads a baseball-size gob of river worms onto an 8/0 or 10/0 hook below a pegged slip sinker, then casts the slow-writhing mass into a prime flathead lair. Just add some scent such as s-factor or procure. We caught them on #9 Shad Raps; that's 15- to 20-pound flatheads on spinning rigs spooled with 8-pound line. That can be done with some hops and lifts or slow rolling. The tail is buoyant so it means when you are not working them the tail will sit up of the ground and flutter with the current which is clever. "In Horseshoe Reservoir, we clobbered flatheads that were suspended 12 feet down over 30 feet of water, following schools of shad. Flathead are not fussy fishy they are an ambush predator that will strike at just about anything cast in the right area. It can be some of the most exciting and rewarding flathead fishing of the season. He uses a 2- to 4-ounce slipsinker pegged 10 to 24 inches above the hook with a lead shot. Swimbaits boast a variety of feature sets depending on make and manufacturer – in addition to standard hard plastics, some manufacturers coat their hard plastics in soft plastic, emulating soft plastic lures. Flatheads don't mess around with river worms — they just up and grab the wad, so be ready to set the hook as soon as you detect a steady pull.". Proven flathead rigs and solid terminal tackle is a must for increasing your flathead catch. We prefer a 90-degree hook for our dead stick jig heads. The only downside at times is the hooks are quite large and you will drop some fish. These are very easy to use if you’re just starting fishing with soft plastics then this would be an ideal choice. They do not really care what color/size the lure is (within … Targeting flathead with soft plastics and lures is a fun a popular form of fishing. At 98 pounds, 8 ounces, James Laster's Lone Star lunker was big enough to topple the previous Texas benchmark, but not the all-tackle world record. I catch mine in a nearby creek with a large minnow trap. They cast like bullets, making them ideal for prospecting the flats and drop offs where you find flathead and when I head out in the yak I normally arm myself with the TT Lures Ghostblade and Switchblade in … The best bait to catch flathead There are plenty of good bait choices to catch flathead. Little is known about the effects of softbait ingestion on bass. "Anyone who doesn't fish with bullheads for flatheads is handicapping himself, particularly in states where sunfish aren't legal and eels aren't available.". "I don't know any other name for them except river worms," Agee says. Laster pulled the mighty flathead from Lake Palestine on December 2, 1998 while bank-fishing for crappies. FishingMad, a friendly fishing community providing expert tips, fishing reports covering Melbourne & Victoria, fishing location options, product reviews, instructional videos & more. use a longer jig head. "It doesn't have to be deep — four feet of water under a snag might hold a nice flathead if sunlight can't penetrate the snag during daylight hours. These also work really well for other fish species such as pinky snapper, bream You can rig these a number of different ways I tend to just use a standard jig head in 1/8, 1/6 or ½ depending on the depth and flow on the day. "Rigs with both cutbait and livebait almost always get bit before a rig with two livebaits, " Murray says. There biodegradable which means they will naturally break down if left in the water. AU $13.75 New. Prawns are often my first choice, but similar to baits I feel the flatty’s don’t discriminate too much. Best Bait. For big flathead catfish, live bluegills are arguably the best bait around. Like the curly tails, these have naturally built-in action is amazing. All Rights Reserved. I can give dead waterdogs enough action on the retrieve so flatheads think they're alive. Their soft bodies give them a more realistic feel when engulfed by a bass, which gives you more time to set the hook. Sawyer struck first, pulling his 83-pounder from the Altamaha River near Jesup on June 22, 2006. These whiskered brutes are active predators, lurking within log jams, brush piles and other dense cover as they wait to ambush passing fish. And so do we. Flathead regularly venture into rivers, bays and ports making them easy to find, and their hunting style makes them easy to target. The catch trumped the existing record of 49.8 pounds, and was quickly verified by the state DNR. He baits his line with green sunfish where they're legal, and eels whenever possible. Murray, who has fished with Halgren, agrees that Halgren's jigging technique can be deadly — under certain conditions. Zman Soft plastics are awesome for a number of reasons. However, there are lures and soft plastics that consistently outperform others and I’m going to share that with you in this article and video. Richard Williams was fishing for bass in El Reno City Reservoir on May 11, 2010 when he hooked into a monstrous fish far bigger than anything he'd expected to hit his Strike King crankbait. Copyright © 2018 Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Coronavirus fishing updates Victoria – Is fishing allowed? Other sunfish tactics — Live green sunfish also are the preferred bait of Gene Murray, a well-known catfish angler from southeastern Iowa, who has lived on the banks of the lower Iowa River for over 30 years. The tail flutters all over the place, there buoyant so the tail will lift when they’re on the bottom. "Those little "shakers" will keep that wad of worms bouncing from the minute you toss it in the water, " Agee adds. 250mm Zerek Stalker 150g Hard Body Jointed Swimbait Fishing Lure. It’s sight fishing at its best. A Pre-made flathead rig comes supplied ready to attach to your mainline. Flathead love eating shrimp, and these were designed using 3D scanning and printing technology to mimic a lifelike prawn or shrimp. You can slow roll these or hop them. Halgren uses Pro Cat II graphite catfish rods developed and marketed by Aurora Sports in Elmhurst, Illinois. Carl Sawyer retained solo claim to the record until Dieveney hooked a nearly identical leviathan July 11, 2010, while fishing the Altamaha in Wayne County. 7. But remember big baits catch big fish. Weather, water temperature, water levels, time of day, and a dozen other factors all influence the sometimes finicky taste buds of flatheads. You can catch them sometimes with a #10 or #12 hook baited with little pieces of worm. They’re about $10 bucks a packet. traditional lures on a jighead are not ideal for bottom bashing in 60m.. Live shad can be a close second. I have just found that if the liquid in the packets dries up then they turn rock hard and you need to throw them out. Fishing alone but wielding a rod fit for sharks, he managed to land his 52½-inch prize all by himself. These are really good value often see them for 4 packets for $20. They are monstrous fish that get up over 100 pounds and make for an … The best lures for catfish are either scented or have noise-making/vibrating components. Thanks for reading this Best Flathead Soft Plastics and Lures 2020. They have very large mouths designed for grabbing live, whole prey. You really need to understand the depth of the location your fishing and the diving depth of the bib on the lure. "I think the flavor of the cutbait draws the cats' attention, but they almost always take the livebait once they get close enough to see it.". The Wassinks have developed an aggressive approach to catching flatheads with cutbait. Give a Gift   ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. The 5 cm Halco Poltergeist also dives down to about 3 meters or the 8cm dives down to 5 meters. Rapala also has a lot in this space like the XRaps there probably a little bit too large to specifically be targeting flathead. Flathead Lake Whitefish are the largest of the whitefish species in … A local ambassador of fishing programs & charities across Victoria.